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Knight of the Society (KSCA)
Duke Miguel Sebastian de Oporto
Elevated by:
Dafydd Whitacre
and Octavia de Verdon

Date awarded: 1999-11-20
Elevating Kingdom: Ansteorra
Current Kingdom: Ansteorra
Squired To: Duke Jonathon Delaufyson Macebearer
Hails From: Barony of the Steppes
Ansteorran OP Rank: 520040710


Awards Recieved
Queen's Rapier of Ansteorra, Award o/t 1991-08-03
Award of Arms 1992-01-11
Queen's Champion 1992-03-07
White Scarf of Ansteorra, Order o/t (grant) 1993-04-25
Queen's Champion 1995-02-18
Sable Falcon of Ansteorra 1995-03-04
King's Champion 1997-01-18
Centurion o/t Sable Star of Ansteorra 1997-01-18
Sable Thistle of Ansteorra, Award o/t 1998-01-10
Queen's Champion 1998-02-07
Queen's Glove of Ansteorra 1998-07-11
Queen's Champion 1998-07-25
Sable Crane of Ansteorra, Award o/t 1999-01-09
Queen's Champion 1999-01-30
Queen's Glove of Ansteorra 1999-07-10
Knight o/t Society 1999-11-20
County 2003-07-12
Duchy 2004-07-10
King's Blade of Chivalry 2004-11-06
Iris of Merit, Order o/t 2006-05-27
Court Barony 2006-07-08
Oak o/t Steppes, Order o/t 2006-08-26
King's Blade of Chivalry 2007-10-06
Star of Merit, Order o/t 2008-07-12
Queen's Blade of Honor 2008-11-15
King's Blade of Chivalry 2012-07-14
Queen's Champion 2013-10-05
Queen's Glove of Ansteorra 2014-04-12
Queen's Champion 2016-05-14
Defense, Order of 2016-07-09
Queen's Glove of Ansteorra 2016-10-15
Royal Blade 2017-05-20
Sable Thistle of Ansteorra, Award o/t 2018-01-13
Royal Blade 2019-05-25
Augmentation of Arms 2019-09-21

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