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Order of the Chivalry

The Order of the Chivalry consists of two equal parts, Knighthood and Mastery at Arms.

The Chivalry is the peerage of Warriors. Noble Fighters, the leaders of our kingdom on the field of Armored Combat. These Gentles have shown not only martial prowess, but also the grace and nobility as befits a Peer.

The only difference between a Knight and a Master at Arms, is the Oath of Fealty.

Knights swear an Oath of Fealty to the Crown.

Masters at arms are not required take the Oath and do not wear a chain.

The Badges of Knighthood are "A White Belt" and "Chain -Closed loops of chain (of any color) are reserved to members of the Knighthood". The Badge of Mastery of Arms is "A White Baldric" going from shoulder to waist.

Knights are Addressed as "Sir" or "Dame" while Mastery at arms confers the address form of "Master or Mistress"

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